Emergence Legal assists its client in North Africa and Sub Saharan countries in all their operations in maters of general business law, M&A, Corporate, Private Equity, Tax, construction, public procurement and PPP.

The firm has developed a specific expertise in some key sectors in which he intervened for clients: water, energy, IT, agribusiness, services and industries.


Know how for complex contracts

We assist our clients during the design, drafting and negotiation of complex contracts as the public procurement contracts (public markets, PPP, MOU contracted with States), turnkey contracts and multiparty contracts.



We assist our clients in the elaboration and implementation of their investment strategy in Africa. We mobilize our expertise since the structuration of the deal regarding  the tax ruling and international, regional and local regulation. from the assistance phase to the negotiation of contracts, from stake acquisition contracts, joint ventures and operation contracts.


Legal and Tax seurisation of investments in Africa

From the legal and tax due diligence phase, to the structuration of securities, we advise our clients to fully secure their investments and current operations.


International Assistance
Development assistance

We act as representatives of States and aid donors for assessment missions of legal and institutional environments in African States, for the implementation of reforms through public markets, PPPs, privatizations and legislative and regulation drafting.



During our audits conducted on behalf of our clients, we conduct a thorough analysis on the compliance with norms, regulations and CSR Commitments applying to the company and its subcontractors, which are all submitted to a duty of care.


“A la carte” training

We offert to our clients the opportunity to assist them in the definition of pedagogical training programs in all disciplines of business law and public procurement law in Africa. We can perform such training in Paris in our office or in the offices of our clients, in France and abroad.