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The DNA of Emergence Legal
It lies as much in our knowledge of the law and taxation of African countries, as in our understanding of the realities of Africa.

54 countries to cover, stay humble! For each mission, we propose to our customers to support us in the countries of intervention on the best lawyers and tax specialists, of which we can guarantee their independence and their expertise.

EMERGENCE LEGAL is also surrounded by high skills in fields that go beyond law: financial firms, investment banks, consulting firms, strategy firms.

Your contacts

Olivier Wybo, Associate Lawyer.

Avocat à la Cour (Paris), has over twenty years of professional practice, including eight on the African soil (Senegal for 5 years, Gabon for 3 years). Olivier WYBO has extensive experience in the management of public projects: procurement, complex contracts, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in France and in Africa; legal and tax advice for institutional and commercial investors in French-speaking African countries on OHADA, WAEMU and CEMAC rules pertaining to acquisition, green field and brown field projects; Olivier benefits from a strong knowledge of social and economic networks within the CEMAC and the WAEMU zones.

Olivier Wybo intervened recently on advising a specialized especially in the agribusiness sector in Africa (cotton, cashews, cocoa), in telecommunications in African speaking countries.

Olivier Wybo benefits from a solid knowledge of legal and institutional environments of WAEMU and CEMAC zones in which he has realized missions of diagnosis, strategy, reform and drafting of legislative and regulation bills financed by the World Bank and the African Development Bank.

Since 2016, Olivier WYBO initiated and cohosts the Mensuelle Africaine (African Monthly meeting) of the Africa/OHADA Commission of Paris Bar. He frequently intervenes seminaries and trainings on Africa.


Grégoire Héber-Suffrin, Tax Manager.

Grégoire Hébert-Suffren has joined Emergence Legal in January 2018 to take over tax issues.

Holding a Master DESS-DJCE Degree obtained in Nancy in 1999, Grégoire worked with Africa Department of Ernst & Young from 2000 to 2004, including two years in Pointe-Noire (Congo). Founding Partner of Droit-Afrique since 2005, Grégorie publishes the tax codes of 24 countries of francophone Africa as well as books about custom lax, labor law and OHADA Law. He has also realized digital legal projects in Gabon, Algeria, and Mali (modernization of the Journal Officiel of Mali in 2015-2016).

Since 2008, Grégoire intervenes on tax legislative drafting on national or international funding (ADB, EU, World Bank, IMF). He directed the redrafting of tax codes of Djibouti, Comores, Burkina Faso, Congo, Mali and Mauritania. He regularly organizes trainings in Africa, specifically in terms of transfer pricing, mining tax or IT Law.

Specialized in corporate tax law, Grégoire intervenes on national or international investment projects, restructuring and tax litigation.


The law firm is in expansion and is always open to welcome skills from qualified attorneys and attorneys in process of qualification, sharing its values and passion for Africa.